It is our vision "We Set Standards" and our purpose to meet the needs of and to provide conditions for long term success of our customers resulting from our activities, products and services.

Through our management and behavior it is our mission to provide "Excellence & Growth" centered towards performance defining components, services, employees and leadership.

We reinforce the importance of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality awareness in our daily work.

The company is committed to meet our economic, environmental and social responsibility towards the owners of the company, the society and our employees.

The management is committed to establish, implement and maintain the Integrated Management System (IMS) and ensure our policies and objectives are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the company by providing the necessary resources to assure that the processes are implemented and managed according to ISO standards including all applicable legal requirements and compliance obligations. Each employee of HOERBIGER MEA is obligated and responsible for acting in accordance with these systems.

To realize the company strategy HOERBIGER MEA has organized process-based structures and focuses on continual improvement in all our applicable processes by setting realistic strategic goals. HOERBIGER MEA's drive for success is based on our corporate values consisting of: Pioneering Spirit, Courage, Fairness and Closeness of our employees.

Our main goals are to ensure that our products and services are produced and delivered in a safe way, according to our IMS processes and procedures in order to protect people, environment and property.

Our key commitments are:

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health and is appropriate to our purpose, size and context of our organization and to the specific nature of our OH&S risks and OH&S opportunities
  • Eliminate hazards when possible and reduce occupational health and safety risks as low as reasonably practicable
  • Ensure that channels for consultation and participation of workers are in place
  • Protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution arising from our activities, products and services
  • Prevention of damage to property
  • Always use qualified and trained personnel
  • Always abide by applicable policies, processes and procedures

In order to assure customer satisfaction, we monitor, audit, evaluate and report our processes regularly, measure customer satisfaction annually and use the available information to assure the continual improvement of our processes.